World Association of Nuclear Operators
Moscow Regional Centre


12 July 2019
The international training seminar
On July 1 – 5, 2019 the international training seminar “Managers in the Field”, organized by WANO Moscow Centre in cooperation with Khmelnitsky NPP, was held in Netishin (Ukraine)
11 October 2018
Workshop at Temelin NPP (Czech Republic)
During 1 to 5 October 2018, a workshop was conducted at Temelin NPP on the topic ‘Foreign material exclusion’. The workshop was organized jointly by Temelin NPP and WANO MC
25 September 2018
Annual Joint IAEA and WANO-MC Workshop on “Operating Experience Exchange”
On September 11-13, 2018, at the initiative of the nuclear power plants of the WANO Moscow Center and IAEA in Vienna (Austria), in IAEA headquarters an annual joint IAEA / WANO-MC Workshop was hold on operational experience exchange