World Association of Nuclear Operators
Moscow Regional Centre


12 May 2012
Follow-up at the Kalinin NPP
Follow-up Peer Review was conducted at the Kalinin NPP (Russia) from April 15 to April 20, 2012
11 May 2012
Follow-up PR at the Rostov NPP
Follow-up PR of Unit 2 had been conducted at the Rostov NPP (Russia) from April 23 to April 27, 2012. Purpose of this review - assessment of improvement areas current condition and of corrective measures effectiveness, which were developed by Rostov NPP after Pre-startup PR of Unit 2 in March 2010
4 May 2012
TSM at the Khmelnitski NPP
WANO-MC held TSM on the subject “Radioactive contamination control” at the Khmelnitski NPP from April 9 to April 13, 2012
4 May 2012
Workshop in Kiev
Workshop on the subject:  “Stress-tests results and planning with the purpose to increase NPP safety”
2 May 2012
TSM at the Smolensk NPP
TSM on the subject: « Building structure waterproofing» was conducted by WANO-MC from April 23 to April 27, 2012 at the Smolensk NPP
Leadership Seminar of LO and WANO MC
On 20 November 2018, WANO London Office and Moscow Center conducted a video-seminar on the topic ‘Leadership’
TSM at Tianwan NPP
From July 9 to July 13, 2012 WANO-MC conducted TSM at Tianwan NPP on the subject: “Emergency preparedness”.  Nowadays NPP specialists pay much attention to the emergency preparedness theme
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