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Training seminar at Armenian NPP

Training seminar at Armenian NPP
On November 22-24, 2022 the training seminar “Managers in the Field”, organized by WANO Moscow Centre in cooperation with Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, was held at Armenian plant site. Thirty-one managers and specialists from Armenian NPP, Smolensk NPP and Bushehr NPP took part in the seminar.

During the welcoming speech Hunan Hunanyan, Deputy Chief Engineer of Armenian NPP, stressed the importance and relevance of the topic of leadership development for the nuclear industry, as well as the need to use such a tool as Coaching to develop leadership abilities among staff. He stressed the high importance of implementation of an effective «Managers in the Field» program, which allows plant leaders seek for possibilities to improve performance and use these possibilities on a systematic basis.

The seminar covered training for Middle Managers on the following topics:

• What is Quality Coaching?
•What are the benefits of Managers in the Field / Coaching?
•Who and when do you coach?
•How do you improve your coaching?
•How much time is spent on coaching?
•Where do you find time to get in the field to coach and positively reinforce?
•How to reinforce intelligent selection and use of Human Performance Tools?
•What to do with the results of time in the field / coaching?

The participants highly appreciated delivered seminar, pointed out actuality of all seminar’s topics and high potential of HR tools like Coaching. Practical works, performed at functional mock-ups at Armenian plant, allowed the seminar participants to apply new knowledge practically and drill observation and coaching.

The seminar results, which are to be executed in the form of the memorandum and sent to the participants, were discussed at the closing meeting.
In accordance with the “Train the Trainers” concept, training materials of the seminar were provided to the Armenian plant management and specialists.
Author: Loktionov Sergey