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Commercial nuclear icebreaker Yakutia launched

Commercial nuclear icebreaker Yakutia launched
On Tuesday, 22 November, a commercial nuclear icebreaker Yakutia was launched at the Baltic factory. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin was present at the launching ceremony by video communication. After the launching process is over, the icebreaker construction will be completed at a special wharf of Baltic factory. The icebreaker was laid in 2020.

The nuclear icebreakers of 22220 design (LK-60Ya is a 60 MW icebreaker with a nuclear power installation) are the biggest and most powerful icebreaking vessels in the world. This series includes Arctic, Siberia, Ural, from which Arctic and Siberia are a part of the nuclear fleet of Russia already. Their main purpose is to ensure all-year-round navigation along the western Arctic seacoast. Today the ships of this design make the basis of the civil icebreaker fleet of the Russian Federation. Their variable draught allows working efficiently both on deep waters and in stream channels of Siberian rivers.

The Yakutia icebreaker is planned to be commissioned in December 2025. Its service lifetime is 40 years. The construction customer is FSUE Atomflot, the WANO Moscow Centre member organization.