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Peer Review of Kalinin NPP

Peer Review of Kalinin NPP
From 06 to 21 October 2022, WANO Moscow Centre conducted a Peer Review (PR) of Kalinin NPP. The Peer Review was aimed at the plant performance assessment in enhancement of safe and reliable plant operation. The review was performed in all areas according to PO&C 2019-1, including СРО (MCR crew performance observation under operational occurrences at the full-scope simulator), conducted previously during 05-16.09.2022.

The Peer Review Team Leader was Anatoly Zinchenko (Russia), the WANO MC Peer Review Programme Manager. The CPO expert group leader was Mikhail Sharov, WANO MC representative at Balakovo NPP. During the final phase of the Peer Review, the team was joined by WANO Exit Representative - Anatoly Kirichenko, the First Deputy Director of WANO Moscow Centre.

The PR team consisted of 15 experts representing three countries – Iran, China and Russia. The experts were invited from WANO Moscow Centre member organizations, who performed observations in performance areas together with WANO MC personnel, analyzed the identified facts, strengths, and performed safety culture status assessment.

The following experts worked in the team from WANO Moscow Centre member organizations:

From Bushehr NPP: Kazem Hezri, Management and Supervision Department Manager (Organization and Administration);

From Kursk NPP-2: Sergey Mikailov, Unit Shift Supervisor (Operations);

From Novovoronezhatomenergoremont JSC: Mikhail Maslov, Chief Technologist of engineering group, Production Engineering Department (Maintenance);

From Smolensk NPP: Kharlamov Vitaly, head of laboratory, Technical Diagnostics Department (Engineering Support), Chukhlebova Elena, lead engineer of Operating Experience and Failure Investigation Department (Performance Improvement);

From Balakovo NPP: Sergey Kuzmin, Chemical Department Deputy Manager (Chemistry), Yuri Shirokov, Senior Inspector of Inspections and Safety Assurance Monitoring Department (Radiological Protection);

From Leningrad NPP-2: Sergey Rechkin, Training Department Manager (Training area);

From Novovoronezh NPP: Maxim Tuchkov, Senior Shift Supervisor of the 4-th plant phase (CPO expert);

From Rosatom Technical Academy: Roman Gridnev, Technical Support Department Manager (СРО expert).

The following WANO MC Advisors took part in the PR team work: Andrey Lachkov (Organization and Administration), Syrus Shirzadi (Engineering Support), Evgeny Khromovskikh (PR Coordinator), WANO MC Representative at Novovoronezh NPP Evgeny Lushin (Rire Protection) and WANO MC Representative at Kalinin NPP Yuri Shchelik (Emergency Preparedness).

On 20 October, at the final briefing of the expert team with Kalinin NPP management and counterparts, the Plant Manager Viktor Ignatov thanked the experts and the plant counterparts for their common work aimed at further enhancement of the plant safety and reliability. Anatoly Kirichenko noted the importance of cooperation development between WANO MC and WANO member organizations at the new qualitative level. The PR Team Leader Anatoly Zinchenko handed over the preliminary Peer Review report to the Plant Manager and thanked the plant personnel for constructive, open attitude and good working conditions.
Author: Khromovskikh Evgeny