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Corporate Peer Review of Slovenské Elektrárne, a.s.

Corporate Peer Review of Slovenské Elektrárne, a.s.
From 2 to 11 November, WANO Moscow Centre conducted a Corporate Peer Review (CPR) of Slovenské Elektrárne, a.s., Slovak Republic. The main activity of the company is generation and sales of electric power. Slovenské Elektrárne is the main electric power producer in Slovak Republic, and one of the biggest in Central Europe. The share of electric power produced by the company amounts to 60% of the total generation in the country. 48% belong to nuclear generation, with the total installed capacity of four operating VVER-440 units at Bohunice NPP and Mochovce NPP making 2003 МW. By the end of the year, the first connection to the grid of Unit 3 of the same design is expected at Mochovce NPP.

The CPR purpose was to support the company in improvement of plant department interactions, establishment of the optimal organizational structure and in search of the best ways to solve performance problems, which results in enhancement of plant safety and reliability.

The team consisted of ten experts from eight countries: Great Britain, Hungary, Russia, Slovak Republic, USA, Finland, France and Czech Republic. The independent assessment of the CPR team conclusions was performed by WANO MC Industry Advisor and Exit Representative.

The WANO Guideline document ‘Performance Objectives and Criteria’, PO&C 2019-1 was used as a standard for comparison of Slovenské Elektrárne performance. The performance efficiency was assessed in seven corporate areas, including leadership, management, supervision and monitoring, independent oversight, support, human resource management and leadership development, and communications.
Throughout the review, the information exchange between the WANO team and managers of the company was open and productive. During the final briefing, the team presented preliminary CPR results, consisting of the identified areas for performance improvement (AFIs) formulated jointly by team experts and the company managers.
During the final briefing, the CPR Team Leader Dawn SILEO, Director of Organizational Efficiency at WANO LO, thanked the company managers for creation of excellent working conditions, and for their openness and constructive discussions.

The Industry Advisor Chris BAKKEN, Executive Vice-President of Entergy Corporation, appreciated the high professional level of the experts and the company cooperation. He drew attention of the audience to the fact that good plant performance does not guarantee unclouded future, and expressed confidence that the company will ‘use the CPR results, and not leave this gift in the office and forget about it’.

The WANO MC Exit Representative Satu KATAJALA, Vice-President of FORTUM Corporation, noted high performance indicators of the plants operated by the company, and expressed her opinion that ‘staying at high standards will be allowed by support of other companies and by our joined efforts’.

The Nuclear Sector manager of Slovenské Elektrárne Miroslav TOKÁR pointed out the well organized teamwork and excellent CPR results, and said that ‘the identified AFIs will be in the focus of the company, and will help the company to improve its performance, will contribute to development of safety culture and leadership’.

The Director General of Slovenské Elektrárne Branislav STRÝČEK thanked the CPR team for their efficient work, objective assessment of the current company status and transfer of their experience. He believed that cooperation with WANO has to be continued, and assured that the identified deficiencies will be eliminated. ‘I am a sportsman, and I am used to winning!’

According to the common opinion, the CPR results will contribute to increase of performance efficiency of Slovenské Elektrárne, to enhancement of the plant safety and reliability.
Author: Faller Sergey