World Association of Nuclear Operators
Moscow Regional Centre

Member Support Mission at Belorussian NPP (Belarus)

Member Support Mission at Belorussian NPP (Belarus)

During 16 to 20 November 2020, WANO Moscow Center conducted a Member Support Mission (MSM) at Belorussian NPP (Belarus) on the topic ‘Leadership’.

 The following experts took part in the WANO mission:
• Aksenov Vasily (WANO MC, Russia);
• Semenenko Oleg (WANO MC, Russia);
• Volkov Eduard (ONITs Prognoz, Russia);
• Melnitskaya Tatiana (Rosatom Technical Academy, Russia);
• Chichikin Dmitry (WANO MC, Russia);
• Lukyanova Vera (WANO MC, Russia).

 MSM objectives:
• exchange of experience and opinions, adaptation of international experience in leadership area;
• training of top managers and supervisors.

 During the mission, the participants discussed the following issues:
• role of a leader in NPP safety assurance;
• difference between a manager and a leader;
• traits od leader’s interaction with other people;
• accidents that could not be prevented due to lack of leadership qualities;
• is there a place for leadership in plant operations?
• definition of a Leader;

• leadership concept and main traits;
• leadership styles;
• where do leaders come from?
• is a personal example of a leader significant?
• leadership as socially demanded phenomenon, as engine of progress;
• leadership: inherited quality or learned ability?

 WANO MC Director V.I.Aksenov conducted individual interviews with plant top managers and supervisors including presentations of information on international experience of NPP commissioning with due consideration of specific features of leadership and safety culture.

 During the final briefing with Belorussian NPP management, the experts presented their recommendations for performance improvement in leadership area, and the draft MSM report.

Author: Semenenko Oleg