World Association of Nuclear Operators
Moscow Regional Centre

Member Support Mission at Rostov NPP

Member Support Mission at Rostov NPP

During 24 to 25 November 2020, WANO Moscow Center conducted a Member Support Mission (MSM) at Rostov NPP in videoconference format on the topic ‘Risk assessment. Best practices’.

The following experts took part in the mission:
• Musin Galim (WANO MC, Russia);
• Kislinsky Sergey (Headquarters, JSC Concern Rosenergoatom, Russia);
• Gorbachevsky Igor (Headquarters, JSC Atomtechenergo, Russia);
• Kukhar Sergey (Leningrad NPP, Russia);
• Kopylov Dmitry (WANO MC, Russia).

MSM objective:
Review of best practices in efficient integration of risk management system into NPP performance areas (organization and administration, operations, maintenance). Exchange of opinions and ideas of opportunities for implementation of improvements in this area.

During the MSM, the participants discussed the following issues:
• The ways used to integrate the risk management (assessment) system (process) in NPP performance areas, such as ‘organization and administration’, ‘operations’ and ‘maintenance’.
• Resources (personnel, software, training) required for performance of the risk management system.
• Principles of risk management system development.
• Risks classification. Architecture, organizational and role-based structures of a risk management system.
• Use of risk monitor in plant operations, maintenance planning, tracking of dangerous configurations.
• Risk management system examples and good practices.

Author: Musin Galim