World Association of Nuclear Operators
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WANO MC Governing Board Meeting

WANO MC Governing Board Meeting
On 03 November, a regular WANO MC Governing Board meeting was held in the videoconference format. The meeting was attended by representatives of WANO management, including WANO Chairman Tom Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer Ingemar Engkvist, WANO MC Chairman Yaroslav Holubec, WANO MCX Director Vasily Aksenov and managers of WANO MC member organizations. 
The participants reviewed the results of WANO and WANO MC activities over the previous period, progress of work on the initiative 'Course to excellence’, work plans and 2020-2021 budget items, and preparation for WANO Biennial General Meeting 2021. 
During the meeting, a decision was made to conduct additional meetings with WANO MC Governors on a number of issues.