World Association of Nuclear Operators
Moscow Regional Centre

Webinar conducted by WANO Moscow Center

Webinar conducted by WANO Moscow Center
On 28 October 2020, WANO Moscow Center conducted a webinar for Khmelnitsk NPP on the topic ‘Following requirements of maintenance documents and maintenance work performance procedure’. 
The following experts were the WANO webinar moderators: 
• Goncharov Ivan (WANO Moscow Center); 
• Podoba Pavol (Mochovce NPP, Slovak Republic). 
Webinar objective: 
• review the main traits of strong maintenance documents, maintenance work performance program. 
During the webinar, the moderators discussed the following issues: 
• maintenance of equipment work process documents; 
• maintenance work performers feedback on maintenance process documents; 
• safety requirements in maintenance documents; 
• contents of check-lists for recording all performed operations; 
• updating of maintenance documents; 
• safekeeping of maintenance documents at work places to avoid their contamination (including radiation); 
• rules for using maintenance process documents at work places in electronic form (using tablets and other advanced technologies).
Author: Goncharov Ivan