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WANO MC Workshop

WANO MC Workshop

During 29 September to 1 October 2020, WANO Moscow Center conducted a workshop in videoconference format on the topic ‘Equipment ageing management’. The meeting was initiated by Kalinin NPP. The workshop was attended by specialists of nuclear power plants with VVER, RBMK, EGP, BN, KLT-40M, OK-900M reactors, representing Armenia, Belarus, Hungary, India, Iran, China, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, and operating organizations: JSC Concern Rosenergoatom, SE NNEGC Energoatom, personnel of the floating nuclear thermal power plant, FSUE Atomflot, JSC Atomtechenergo, JSC RASU, Director of Support Programme from London Office, and representatives of WANO Moscow and Tokyo Centers.

The workshop was opened by WANO Moscow Center Director Vasily Aksenov. In his welcome speech, Vasily Aksenov noted that there are more than 450 power units operating in the world, with 289 of them operating for over 30 years, which make more than 64% of the whole park of reactors. Preventive maintenance, operational control of plant systems and components, condition-based diagnostics, upgrading and timely equipment replacement – all these issues are closely related to the Equipment Ageing Programme and safe plant operation, therefore the topic of the workshop is very important for all participants.

The Director of WANO London Office Support Programme Aleksey Polyakov stated that the nuclear power plants that follow the best international practices in ageing management, have significantly fewer equipment failures caused by degradation of equipment and materials, and encouraged the participants to use the workshop platform for open exchange of experience in ageing management and long-term operation, and focus on problems and ways to overcome them.

The participants listened to and discussed the following presentations on the workshop topics:
• Ageing (lifetime) management for structures, systems and components (SSC) during long-term plant operation.
• SSC screening criteria for the Ageing Management Programme, taking national standards and requirements into consideration.
• Identification of dominating NPP SSC degradation mechanisms.
• Obsolescence. Obsolescence Management Programme, its NPP SSC screening criteria.

The meeting participants noted the importance of using the WANO Good Practice 2020 «Excellence in Ageing Management», as well as the relevant IAEA Safety Standards: Requirements 14 and 16 of Standard SSR-2/2 rev.1, Guidelines SSG-48 «Ageing Management and Development of a Programme for Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants», and SRS 82 «Ageing Management for Nuclear Power Plants: International Generic Ageing Lessons Learned (IGALL)».

Closing the workshop, Aleksey Polyakov stressed that equipment ageing management is an important process at the plant, aimed at safe plant operation, and a special high emphasis should be focused on it.

The workshop participants exchanged information, discussed urgent issues and suggestions for improvement, expressed their gratitude to Moscow Center management, interpreters and IT specialists for highly professional organizational preparation and conduct of the event in videoconference format. Presentation materials in electronic form were distributed to all workshop participants. The workshop results in a Memo form will be also sent to the participants.

Author: Lesin Sergey