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YG movement at Tianwan NPP

YG movement at Tianwan NPP

In 2014, the concept of YG was first proposed by WANO Moscow Center and approved by all WANO regional centers. Since then, YG activities have been carried out in WANO four regional centers, and WANO LO is responsible for coordinating and developing YG program. In July 2018, with the help of WANO MC, WANO YG at TNPP was established, and WANO MC Representatives was entrusted by general manager of TNPP as the team leader to carry out YG activities. The first 7 team members selected out of 28 nominators are excellent young experts who have passed the written examination and face to face interview. In April 2020, a new round of selection was carried out, 21 outstanding young experts from different departments joined the YG group. At present, there are 28 members from 18 professional fields. Under the leadership of WANO MC Representatives, YG team members have grown rapidly. After two years of exploration and practice, "1+1+5"training system aimed to cultivate young staff with Professional Skills and International perspective was shaped.

The first"1"refers to a large platform "WANO". Relying on WANO resources, drawing lessons from the nuclear industry, learning good practices from nuclear industry peers, and making full use of WANO's high-quality resources to carry out the training of YG.

The second"1" refers to a whole process. PDCA Cycle is adopted to the training process of young experts, that is, demand analysis, planning, training implementation, feedback evaluation, system optimization.

"5" refers to the five competency factors. That is Nuclear safety culture, professional skills, leadership, risk awareness, global perspective. This is refined after internal questionnaire survey, external benchmarking with other power stations and analyzing WANO resources. It is considered to be the five most important competency factors for YG.

Under the "1+1+5" Training system, YG movement team has developed corresponding courses and activities based on five competency factors, aiming at training young experts through teacher lectures, team discussion, work instruction, role-playing, international meeting and practical activities. The YG group has conducted 5 teacher lectures, 15 team discussions, 10 work instructions, 3 role plays, 3 international meetings and 7 practical activities.

The group made full use of WANO's resources and infiltrated WANO's concept into every step of training young experts: collecting various documents issued by WANO as training materials, invited WANO well-known experts to participate in lectures and work instruction, including WANO MC first deputy director, PR team leader and project manager were invited to give lectures to us. YG members actively participated in WANO missions, at present, the team has participated in 3 international seminars and 30 young experts participated in online seminars during COVID-19, totally 53 YG members participated in WANO's PR, MSM, seminars and other activities held at TNPP.

In addition, the group pays attention to improvement of young experts’ English and Russian level. Language corner is set up to provide a platform to practice English and Russian with native language speakers, this could not be realized without help by TNPP management. English and Russian corner is carried out regularly every week, and English and Russian speech competitions are held to stimulate young experts' learning enthusiasm.

The group carries out the training feedback evaluation through three ways: the satisfaction survey of trainees, the feedback evaluation of students' learning harvest, and the evaluation of the effect of participating in activities. And establish learning files of YG members, record their training process, and evaluate their training performance at the end of the year. Combined with the performance and feedback evaluation of YG members, the training system in the next stage should be appropriately adjusted to make it more suitable for the training goals.

With the support of WANO and TNPP, the WANO YG movement group at TNPP developed steadily and achieved fruitful results in the implementation of "1+1+5" training system

·         Five members have grown into assistants of PR counterpart;

·         One member becomes WANO employee;

·         Has two innovates in Youth Innovation studios of TNPP;

·         One prize of management innovation;

·         Translation and Compilation of WANO GP in 2018 and 2019;

·         Assessed by WANO MC as the best YG Movement group in 2019;

·         Preparation of 3 papers and submission to the Ministry of ecological environment of China;

·         2 members participated in the preparation of WANO GL 2020-04 Guideline for Members;

·         More than 100 young experts have been trained.

Our goal is to let more young experts in NPP know, understand and participate in WANO activities, form a healthy nuclear safety cultural atmosphere among workers under the influence of WANO spirit, pass on the valuable experience of nuclear industry to the young generation, establish extensive exchanges in the world nuclear power industry, and jointly contribute to the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants.

                                               WANO MC Representative at TNPP

                                                 Gao Haiyang   Zhao Wentao